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I have been writing since I was six years old, my first published poem appeared in "Jack and Jill" around that time. Even then, seeing my work in print made me feel important. It was as if what I had to say really meant something. I had an illusion that my words would be around long after I would and that some child might pick up one of my books, the way I had picked up, say, "Little Women" and a certain kind of life would open up for that child - the way books had opened adventures and possibilities for me, giving me glimpses of something I would otherwise not have seen.

Through the years I have learned that writing is satisfying on so many levels. It is inventive and analytical. It's both enormously private and totally revealing of the self. Besides cooking and child rearing, writing seems to be the only work that has held my fascination and attention over time. I come to my writing in much the same way I do to cooking - without too many rules. For me, both involve a certain amount of careful study, going out in the world, seeing what is fresh and inspiring to the mind and palate, gathering ingredients, bringing them back home, putting them together, mixing, marinating, seasoning, and tasting. Sometimes the meal works from "soup to nuts," as my mother used to say; and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't work - I re-work, refine it, sometimes throw it out and start again.

A profoundly moving story that spans past and present, Wales and California, disaster and recovery. The characters become so real it's like having a new family...more

Sofia loved to watch her parents dance, her father's back straight and strong, her mother's skirts whipping a million lights. But Papa's been gone a long time now, and Sofia is beginning to wonder if she'll ever see her beautiful mama dance again...more

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Halloween is an evening of magic and illusion for children of all ages. In this collection, Leiner has gathered photographs by some of the best photographers working in the medium today... more

by Katherine Leiner

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